Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lent update

I'm normal.
I'm good at some things, and bad at others. I'm mostly comfortable with that. It means I'm human.
That's fine with me.

In the past few years I have done giving up of things for Lent. In fact, some of the things I listed last time as potential candidates. Giving up chocolate was easy. Giving up alcohol was too, but I admit to replacing it with fizzy drinks.

The couple of years I try to take something up for Lent, I find that much much harder.

4 days left of Lent, and 50 ridges (just under half) of my pattern to go.
It's been a relatively difficult project, largely because I messed up about 25 ridges in and have been adjusting each ridge ever since to recover.

It's not been anything like as prayerful as I was intending.

I'm gonna do my darnedest to get it done this week.

I feel like a bad Christian lately.
That's not something I'm comfortable with being bad at.

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